Do’s and don’ts of press release writing



Press release must be focused and down to the point.

You must write as much as possible
hoping something
out of it will be used by journalists.

Press release must contain quotes of company representatives or industry experts.

Press release must not contain quotes because media rarely uses them.

In the introductive part of a press release there should
be a few numerical data
that supports the main message
in your press release.

There must be as many as possible numerical data

to make information appear more trustworthy.

of a press release must be short and catchy so it immediately tells the essence of the story.

of a press release must be “Information for Media”
or similar.

Press release must be distributed only when you as an author find it interesting and important for
the community as a whole.

Preses relīzes jācenšas izsūtīt pēc iespējas biežāk, jo tad kāda no tām var iekļūt medijos.

Press release must be distributed to well-selected and targeted media according to theme (e.g. IT to new
technology media etc.).

You must try to send your press release to all possible media as you never know which of them
might be interested.

You must carefully consider layout and formatting of a press release – there is no need to make it look artificially nicer, but appealing text layout, proper grammar and company logo make your press release appear credible.

Press release layout does not matter – journalists pay attention to text only. Press release must be created so that a journalist remembers your marketing message
and company logo.

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