Press conference: To hold one or not

When to consider organizing a press conference:

  • You cannot find any other way to satisfy media interest in case a certain question or fact regarding your company has caused particular media or public attention, or you would like to attract more attention to a particular issue.
  • You need to defend your company against misinterpreted facts, explain some operation regarding your company, or as a producer of goods have to recall a certain product line, which turned out to be hazardous due to failure in the production process.
  • You wish and hope you can arouse interest for media to attend your organized conference not for entertainment, but for news about your company.

When a press conference is not the right solution:

  • You are not sure media will attend it (your news is not unique, the message is not important enough for the general public therefore is not interesting for mass media).
  • You plan to distribute dubious information or hide the truth.

There is no one common opinion on whether it is worth calling a press conference just because it could result in better publicity than distribution of a press release. Viewpoints also vary whether it is necessary to have a press conference to disseminate info where reporters will have additional questions that you are prepared to answer. There are always exceptions, however, bear in mind that a weak conference can arouse interest, but one time only…


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