Tips for writing a press release


The latest additions include: new and viable business ideas, conceptually new services or goods, production and other equipment, investments, financial results, development plans, market expansion achievements or plans, rotation of leading employees, research, and others. Traditionally, press releases are circulated to an extensive range of recipients, but companies and organizations in cooperation with the media also practice individual (exclusive) communication.

Press release writing guidelines

7 steps to be followed when writing a press release: put a date on a press release; create a short, attention-grabbing title; have an introduction paragraph with major facts. body text explaining introductory paragraph, basic information about your organization and contact details at the end. Read more »

Do’s and don’ts of press release writing

Before you even consider putting pen to paper you have to be sure about the purpose of a press release, the format and media you plan to submit it to. Do not put too many facts into the introductive part of the press release, write an interesting article in general and send it to those journalists who really at this point in time could be interested in the topic you discuss. Do not forget about your press release’s layout as it also adds to the positive attitude forming towards your company. Read more »


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